Professional Air Spray Kit: $395  

Is a complete kit which includes a 2.25 gallon pressure pot, 25 foot twin hose set and an A-910 professional spray gun. 

The heavy duty commercial pressure pot is built to last with thick gauge all-steel construction. It features top quality regulators with glass face gauges: one for setting fluid pressure to a maximum of 50 psi, and the other for setting the air gun atomizing air to a maximum of 100 psi. It resists tipping and is easy to clean with its inner Teflon coated tank. 

The air hose in this kit is made from tough, solvent and wear resistant EPDM rubber. The fluid hose has a strong outer jacket and is lined with a smooth layer of solvent proof polyethylene/thermoplastic for fast cleaning and maximum durability. 

The A-910 conventional spray gun in this kit is designed for furniture finishing, cabinet spraying, castings, railings or contractors doing general fine finishing work.  The fluid needle and seat are made of stainless steel, and the entire gun can be placed in a gun cleaning cabinet. The A-910 is supplied with a 1.4 mm general purpose nozzle for thin materials such as lacquers, varnish, stains, urethane and enamels. Larger nozzles are available for thicker materials such as glues, latex and primers.

 Klingspor Velcro Discs

Klingspor PS33 Velcro backed paper disc for quick disc changing. The PS33 range, grey coloured, semi open stearate coated resin bonded disc produces superior surface finishing on flat surfaces. Used for refinishing, preparation and de-nibbing. Suitable for all woods and fillers, particularly suitable for processing finish coatings.

 5”    $19.95 (box of 100)

6”    $25.99 (box of 100)

 All standard hole patterns, Grits from 40 through 600, Klingspor’s “Best Value” Discs [1]

 Prices in effect for orders received by end June, 2012

[1] The November/December issue of “Fine Woodworking” magazine includes a “Tool Test” in which discs from six different manufacturers were tested.  Klingpsor discs were rated “best value.”




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