December 14, 2011

Bona Products: Freeze-Thaw Stability

To: All Bona Distributors

Due to adverse weather conditions that can occur during the winter months, Bona US has tested all

products for their freeze-thaw stability. Each product group is described individually below.

Solvent-Based Products

The solvent-based products may thicken but will never fully freeze. Allow product to warm to room

temperature and place into stock as normal.

: Bona’s solvent-based products are freeze-thaw stable in all conditions.Floor Care Products (Cleaners)

to warm to room temperature and place into stock as normal.

: Bona’s floor care products are freeze-thaw stable. Allow productsFiller and Adhesives

Allow products to warm to room temperature and place into stock as normal.

: Bona’s Pacific Filler and Adhesives are freeze-thaw stable in all conditions.Waterborne Products

waterborne products can have a stability issue if they do not freeze completely and are

bounced/vibrated/shaken either during shipping or use. The partially frozen product contains ice

crystals which are very “sharp” and can cause the polymer in the product to become unstable.

Lower VOC products are more susceptible to this situation due to the lower amount of solvent in

the product. Determining if a product was only partially frozen during shipment is difficult, so one

must inspect the product to determine if it is acceptable for use.

Once the product has been brought to room temperature, sample one bottle of each finish

(irrespective of sheen). Pour the product into a clean container. If there is a stability issue, clumps of

product (similar to “cottage cheese”) will be present. If the product pours easily with no large

coagulations, the product is fine and can be place into stock as normal.

Best regards,

Todd Weyhmiller – Strategic Business Manager – Professional

: While all Bona’s waterborne products are tested and are freeze-thaw stable,Bona US

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