February 2012

 Finishing Seminars Held in January

 In January, Columbia Industrial Supplies hosted finishing seminars in both Nanaimo and Victoria.  The presenter was Norm Smith, the wood finishing specialist at FP/Innovations, Canada’s leading wood products research organization. Norm’s many years of experience in the cabinet shop industry as a finisher and supervisor, combined with his down-to-earth communication skills, enable him to “connect” with the participants and to generate interaction. 

The agenda ranged from the “basics” of finishing to an overview of coatings, (including an examination of waterborne technology), and a review of current finishing equipment. .  Norm also made a strong case for large or small operations to develop specific and detailed documentation for each of its finishing procedures.  The benefits of the resulting “SOPs” (Standard Operating Procedures) can be many; ranging from improved and consistent quality control to more effective training of new finishers.

Norm Smith can be reached by E-mail at  norman.smith@fpinnovations.ca or by cell phone at (604) 828-9555. 

We will continue to arrange finishing workshops, and we welcome any suggestions regarding format, location and topics of interest to you.