We are pleased to now offer Gemini Wood Coatings in addition to Becker Acroma finishing systems.

Established in 1964 Gemini Coatings is now one of the top coatings manufacturers in the US.


      Ultra Lacquer II Clear Conversion Coating offers the strength of a conversion   

      varnish with the ease of application generally associated with precatalyzed

      lacquers. Formulated with European Polymer Technology, Ultra Lacquer II offers  

      an extraordinarily high level of durability which meets or exceeds the    

      performance demands of today’s woodworking industry.

     Ultra Lacquer II has a rich look and feel that resists yellowing.  Ultra Lacquer II   

     meets all of  the pertinent government regulations regarding emissions and     

     exceeds the performance parameters outlined by KCMA and ASTM.

Designed for interior use including: Wood Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Wood Furniture, Interior Wood Surfaces, Wood Tables and Chairs.


Excellent Chemical Resistance

User Friendly

Virtually HAPs Free

AIM Compliant

Ultra Low Formaldehyde

Ultra High Solids

Resists Yellowing

Moisture Resistant

No Critical Recoat Time

AWI System 5

Meets or exceeds KCMA and ASTM Performance Parameters When Applied in Accordance to Specifications

Non Photo Chemically Reactive

Both (standard) 90 Day and (enhanced) 7 Day Pot Life Options

Phthalate Free


Standard Catalyzation System Enhanced Catalyzation System
Extended Shelf Life – Reduce waste! Improved Chemical & Mar Resistance
Chemical & Mar Resistance Faster Dry Time
Good Dry Time Faster Sandability
Quick Sandability Faster Stackability
Good Stackability 7 Day Pot Life – catalyst C7302
90 Day Pot Life  – catalyst M1111  



Ultra Lacquer II Clear Post-Catalyzed Coatings is available in 10°, 20°, 30° and 45° sheens.

Price Includes Either 90 Day or 7 Day Pot Life Catalyst. The 7 day pot-life (catalyst C7302) version offers superior quality and toughness while the 90 day pot-life (catalyst M1111) version offers extended usage period. No thinning required. Self-Sealing. Volume discounts available

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Free Freight Policy:  To your shop on orders over $750.00 (before taxes) or 5 pails of Becker Acroma or Gemini Wood Coatings. Either Total Delivery Systems or Columbia Industrial Supplies will deliver to the following Vancouver Island population centres: C.R.D., Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay, Port Alberni and Campbell River.  Overnight delivery by Total Delivery Systems of less then $750.00 or 5 pails can be arranged for a small delivery fee.

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