AmerivarA two-component, high-solids, clear non-yellowing conversion varnish that offers outstanding value, Amerivar is designed for vertical and flat spray applications. Amerivar self-seals over any shade of stain or wood, including pastels and whites.

  • Clear, non-yellowing,
  • Outstanding flow and leveling for a smooth, flawless finish,
  • Provides good sag resistance,
  • Maximize production efficiencies with very fast dry and short curing times,
  • Enhance life of product with great scratch resistance and excellent chemical resistance,
  • Outstanding sanding properties,
  • 2-3 hours stacking,
  • Self-sealing,
  • Solids 37% volume, 44% weight,
  • 4 sheens available.



Known for a smooth feel and low odor, AcromaPro’s post-catalyzed clear topcoats offer exceptional durability, flexible, user-friendly systems that consistently deliver the highest-quality results, so you can achieve an attractive finish while meeting environmental standards.


Industry Standards:

AWI        System 5 – Conversion Varnish Transparent


CKCA      Construction and material standards for Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities








             Amerivar AcromaProMade in Canada, Proudly Distributed by Columbia Paints & Industrial Supplies