Lemmer Pressure Pot System


SPECIAL BUY! $435.00 Complete Kit

A-928P HVLP pressure feed spray gun which is designed for use with pressure pots. Low overspray is achieved by converting compressor air to High Volume Low Pressure in the air cap. Spray fan control is adjusted at the top back of gun, horizontal and vertical pattern is controlled at the air cap, and material flow is controlled at the back of the gun. The fluid needle and seat are made of stainless steel. This gun is supplied with a 1.4mm general purpose nozzle for thin materials such as lacquer, stain, and enamels.


2.25 gallon heavy duty pressure pot is used for larger painting jobs where either the entire pot is filled or a one gallon can of paint is inserted inside. Easy to clean due to Teflon coated inner tank

Dual air regulators and air gauges are supplied as standard equipment on this pressure pot which allows precise control of product to the gun and precise control of atomizing air. Fluid pressure is regulated to a max of 50 psi. The air setting for the gun is regulated to a max of 100 psi. No tools are required to open the pressure pot, large quick release clamps are easily accessed on top for quick removal of the lid. System comes complete with a 25’ Twin line hose.