Becker Acroma’s Fish Eye Remover works in all acid cured, precatalyzed and nitro cellulose systems. It is effective against fisheyes and improves adhesion to substrate.

Fisheye is a surface blemish about the size of a pea. It happens when a new finish cannot adhere to a surface because of contamination. The main culprit causing fisheye in finishes is silicon, with other oils acting as secondary contributors to the problem. Refinishing requires careful removal of all pre-existing finishes to eliminate any residual silicone, oils, and waxes. It also is important to maintain a clean workshop that is free from contaminants. Frequent hand washing, the use of disposable gloves, and avoiding the handling of greasy food and snacks, such as potato chips, helps reduce the chance of introducing fisheye-causing contaminants to your project.

Simply add up to 5% by volume of Becker Acroma Fish Eye Remover in clear or pigmented coating systems to eliminate fish eyes.

 500ml bottle: $11.95