BoothCoat Peelable Coating for Spray Booth Walls



  • BoothCoat Sprays easily using airless, HVLP, or conventional spray application,
  • Dries Quickly forming a removable barrier in minutes,
  • Clean up with soap and water. No solvent is required,
  • Booth Coat’s tough, yet flexible film, enables it to strip easily from a wide array of surfaces including wet, dry, and powder spray booth surfaces,
  • Booth Coat White’s bright color improves illumination and worker efficiency in the spray booth,
  • Booth Coat is freeze-thaw stable and has a built in safety factor that protects against accidental freezing,
  • Booth Coat is non-flammable. Store it in the painting area ready for use,
  • No “flash fire” danger from open containers. No special paint locker is necessary,
  • Booth Coat can be used as a masking coating to provide temporary protection for metal and plastic surfaces during manufacturing, shipment or storage.