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Matador Topcoat

Becker Acroma Matador is a high performance Post Catalyzed Enamel that provides a smooth luxurious finish. The Matador is suitable as a top coat on interior furniture and cabinetry. Becker Acroma Matador is easy to apply and has the highest solids content in the industry which provides an excellent one-coat high build finish. Easy to sand between coats, dries in 20 minutes and is available in 20, 40, 60 and 80 sheens.Our lab in Victoria can colour match to ANY colour in quantities from 1 to 20 Litres.  Prices vary with volume purchased, call for a quote today for your next job.


Bernyl FF Formaldhyde Free Conversion Varnish

The growing interest in specification programs with indoor air quality standards like LEED-IAQ and BIFMA mirror the ongoing consumer enthusiasm for healthier environments. Bernyl FF Conversion Varnish allows finishers to create formaldehyde free wood products without sacrificing the performance or aesthetics of traditional catalyzed technology. Free of formaldehyde or any ingredients that may emit formaldehyde, Bernyl FF Conversion Varnish meets industry indoor air quality specifications and is HAPs compliant, while also providing excellent durability and moisture resistance.

A Complete System Use Bernyl FF as a self-sealing product. Whether cabinetry, office and residential furniture, or architectural mouldings, Bernyl FF Conversion Varnish provides a traditional finish without the concern of formaldehyde. Available in a Matte sheen.  

$165.00 / 20 Litre Pail    Please call for volume discount pricing.

Professional Spray Equipment

Gravity Feed Spray Guns 

Binks SV100G HVLP      $228.90       Air pressure recommended 10-15 CFM@ 30-45 PSI. includes 1.8 tip.               

Binks SV50G Kit             $217.72      Two HVLP gravity spray guns. 1.0, 1.3 & 1.8 mm fluid  nozzle/needles included.

Lemmer A928G  HVLP  $264.16      Requires a minimum 7 CFM @ 50 PSI. Includes 1.4 mm tip and 600cc cup.

Lemmer A935G HVLP     $89.08      Requires a minimum 7 CFM @ 60 PSI. Includes 1.5 mm tip and 500ml cup.


         Siphon Feed Spray Guns


Binks SV100S            $249.10      Conventional Gun Requires 10-15 CFM @ 30-45 PSI. Includes 1.8mm tip.

Lemmer A928S HVLP  $280.02  Includes 1.4 mm tip and 1 Litre pressurized cup. Stainless steel needle.



Pressure Pot Spray Gun Packages

Binks Mach 1SL 2.8 Gal. tank package includes a 2.8 gallon pressure tank, 25 foot        twin hose set, heavy duty duel regulators and a top of the line Mach 1SL HVLP spray gun. $981.25

Lemmer AA910 2.25 Gal. tank package includes a 2.25 gallon pressure pot, 25 foot twin hose set, duel regulators and an A-910 professional conventional spray gun. $374.80