Tropical Heat Wave Hits Vancouver Island!

Well, perhaps not quite that extreme – but as this is written (July 26) there is a strong possibility that the summer of 2012 has finally arrived. We thought it would be timely to review the impact of high temperatures in the booth – and what can be done to avoid difficulties.

So – what are “high temperatures”? Typically, anything in the 28-30º C and higher.

What are the possible impacts of higher temperature? Any or all of the following:
• A noticeable reduction in the “flow” of the finish on the substrate
• Possible ‘tiger striping’
• Lacquer skimming over
• Bubbles not breaking before rising to the surface.

What to do?
• Add retarder to your lacquer. 3% Becker Acroma Retarder 0987 (absolute maximum 5% in extreme conditions).
• Switch from catalyst 309 to Catalyst 494. Slows the dry time and is particularly useful with high gloss finishes.
• Check viscosity. As temperature goes up, viscosity goes down. You may find that you need less thinner than usual in order to maintain your usual viscosity level.

Humidity – High humidity can also benefit from “slowing down” the finish in order to enable moisture to escape and thus avoid cloudiness.

The final word word(s): Have a great summer!