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We're Moving

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Laqvin™ Clear from Becker Acroma is a one pack waterborne clear lacquer for exterior applications such as joinery, exterior doors, window frames and furniture. It designed to resist outdoor weather conditions including UV lights, rain and temperature variation. It is available in 15° and 40° sheens. It offers excellent clarity, stain resistance, colour stability, fast drying, and good flow properties combined with the aesthetic of solvent-borne coatings. A portion of stain must be added to the coating.

• High solids
• Excellent clarity
• Fast dry
• Easy sanding
• Colour Stable
• “Solvent Look”
• Self sealing
• Gun ready for all spraying systems
• Formaldehyde free
• Hazardous Air Pollutants free
• Available in 15° and 40° sheens

New Fish Eye Remover

Becker Acroma’s Fish Eye Remover works in all acid cured, precatalyzed and nitro cellulose systems. It is effective against fisheyes and improves adhesion to substrate.

Fisheye is a surface blemish about the size of a pea. It happens when a new finish cannot adhere to a surface because of contamination. The main culprit causing fisheye in finishes is silicon, with other oils acting as secondary contributors to the problem. Refinishing requires careful removal of all pre-existing finishes to eliminate any residual silicone, oils, and waxes. It also is important to maintain a clean workshop that is free from contaminants. Frequent hand washing, the use of disposable gloves, and avoiding the handling of greasy food and snacks, such as potato chips, helps reduce the chance of introducing fisheye-causing contaminants to your project.

Simply add up to 5% by volume of Becker Acroma Fish Eye Remover in clear or pigmented coating systems to eliminate fish eyes.

 500ml bottle: $11.95


 Becker Acroma Introduces Bernyl FF Formaldehyde Free Conversion Varnish


With an ideal blend of aesthetics, performance, and environmental benefit, Becker Acroma helps finishers meet indoor air quality specifications in a uniquely European way.

No Formaldehyde Concerns The growing interest in specification programs with indoor air quality standards like LEED-IAQ and BIFMA mirror the ongoing consumer enthusiasm for healthier environments. BernylTM FF Conversion Varnish allows finishers to create formaldehyde free wood products without sacrificing the performance or aesthetics of traditional catalyzed technology. Formulated to be free of formaldehyde or any ingredients that may emit formaldehyde, BernylTM   FF  Conversion  Varnish  meets  industry  indoor  air quality specifications and is HAPs compliant, while also providing excellent durability and moisture resistance.

 No Odor A drop-in replacement for traditional catalyzed technology, BernylTM FF Conversion Varnish fits right into any current set-up, eliminating the need for costly process and equipment changes. BernylTM FF has significantly lower odor than traditional conversion varnishes for an improved shop environment during application and curing. Finishers also benefit from fewer compaints about odor during the installation and unpacking of their products, especially those without force dry capablilities.

 A Complete System Use BernylTM FF as a self-sealing product. Whether cabinetry, office and residential furniture, or architectural mouldings, BernylTM FF Conversion Varnish provides a traditional finish without the concern of formaldehyde. Available in Matt and Satin sheens. Please call for pricing and volume discounts.

 For more information on Becker Acroma technologies please visit or woodfinishing@beckeracroma. com

 The Becker Acroma brand has long been synonimous with high quality technologies for industrial wood finishing. Uniquely European, we support finishers with innovative products, a commitment to providing sustainable systems, and global product availability.

Innovative. Finish-Focused. It’s In Our Nature!  

Proudly Distributed by: Columbia Industrial Supplies Inc. Victoria, B.C.  1-800-606-2295

Tropical Heat Wave Hits Vancouver Island!

Well, perhaps not quite that extreme – but as this is written (July 26) there is a strong possibility that the summer of 2012 has finally arrived. We thought it would be timely to review the impact of high temperatures in the booth – and what can be done to avoid difficulties.

So – what are “high temperatures”? Typically, anything in the 28-30º C and higher.

What are the possible impacts of higher temperature? Any or all of the following:
• A noticeable reduction in the “flow” of the finish on the substrate
• Possible ‘tiger striping’
• Lacquer skimming over
• Bubbles not breaking before rising to the surface.

What to do?
• Add retarder to your lacquer. 3% Becker Acroma Retarder 0987 (absolute maximum 5% in extreme conditions).
• Switch from catalyst 309 to Catalyst 494. Slows the dry time and is particularly useful with high gloss finishes.
• Check viscosity. As temperature goes up, viscosity goes down. You may find that you need less thinner than usual in order to maintain your usual viscosity level.

Humidity – High humidity can also benefit from “slowing down” the finish in order to enable moisture to escape and thus avoid cloudiness.

The final word word(s): Have a great summer!


      Dynabrade Spirit Orbital 3/16” or 3/32”Orbit Sanders: $175 each  

Dynabrade Dynaorbital 6″ Spirit Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders Feature:

• Floating rotor utilizes five blades, producing more usable power

• Less air is used more efficiently to maintain maximum power

• Comfort Platform provides additional hand and wrist support

• Also offers increased protection against cold air exhaust

• Throttle lever recesses into housing grip when depressed, eliminating

 pressure-point on operator’s palm

  • Lighter air-motor assembly, ideal for vertical and overhead sanding applications




  Binks MX Lite outfits utilize the same award-winning MX412 pump that provides users with a low cost, robust industrial spray system which applies a wide range of industrial coatings at an optimum finish quality level. MX Lite 12:1 air-assisted airless spray pump and gun system can apply a variety of industrial coatings to produce a high-quality finish at an economical price. The system features an MX412 pump with a magnetic detent design for quick stroke changeover without pulse or surge. The AA1600M air-assisted airless spray gun features HVLP or LVMP air caps designed to deliver a softer, fine spray for improved transfer efficiency and finish results. Flat, fine and twist tips are available in a variety of sizes.

The system’s pump, gun and hoses are made from stainless steel to handle both solvent and waterborne coatings. Its modular construction is designed to ease maintenance with decreased downtime and reduced running costs. Self-adjusting, spring-loaded packings have a large sight glass for visual packing inspection.

The system is available as a tripod or wall-mounted unit, and is suited for a variety of applications, including furniture and woodworking; aerospace and aviation; off-road; metal fabrication; and truck, trailer and chassis makers. 

 Fully Complete and Ready to Spray $2,400







                                   831 Shamrock Street, Victoria V8X 2V1, Telephone (250) 475-2295, Toll Free (800) 606-2295

                                                             Fax (250) 415-2112    


  Professional Air Spray Kit: $395  

Is a complete kit which includes a 2.25 gallon pressure pot, 25 foot twin hose set and an A-910 professional spray gun. 

The heavy duty commercial pressure pot is built to last with thick gauge all-steel construction. It features top quality regulators with glass face gauges: one for setting fluid pressure to a maximum of 50 psi, and the other for setting the air gun atomizing air to a maximum of 100 psi. It resists tipping and is easy to clean with its inner Teflon coated tank. 

The air hose in this kit is made from tough, solvent and wear resistant EPDM rubber. The fluid hose has a strong outer jacket and is lined with a smooth layer of solvent proof polyethylene/thermoplastic for fast cleaning and maximum durability. 

The A-910 conventional spray gun in this kit is designed for furniture finishing, cabinet spraying, castings, railings or contractors doing general fine finishing work.  The fluid needle and seat are made of stainless steel, and the entire gun can be placed in a gun cleaning cabinet. The A-910 is supplied with a 1.4 mm general purpose nozzle for thin materials such as lacquers, varnish, stains, urethane and enamels. Larger nozzles are available for thicker materials such as glues, latex and primers.

 Klingspor Velcro Discs

Klingspor PS33 Velcro backed paper disc for quick disc changing. The PS33 range, grey coloured, semi open stearate coated resin bonded disc produces superior surface finishing on flat surfaces. Used for refinishing, preparation and de-nibbing. Suitable for all woods and fillers, particularly suitable for processing finish coatings.

 5”    $19.95 (box of 100)

6”    $25.99 (box of 100)

 All standard hole patterns, Grits from 40 through 600, Klingspor’s “Best Value” Discs [1]

 Prices in effect for orders received by end June, 2012

[1] The November/December issue of “Fine Woodworking” magazine includes a “Tool Test” in which discs from six different manufacturers were tested.  Klingpsor discs were rated “best value.”




831 Shamrock Street, Victoria V8X 2V1, Telephone (250) 475-2295, Toll Free (800) 606-2295

Fax (250) 415-2112    




The Finishers’ World

The Finishers’  World


Finishing is the most challenging job in the shop.


We usually work alone.


There is almost no tolerance for error.


We are always rushed.


We must understand and balance many variables.


Our finish is the last step in the shop process – and the first thing the customer sees.


We are proud of what we do.

February 2012

 Finishing Seminars Held in January

 In January, Columbia Industrial Supplies hosted finishing seminars in both Nanaimo and Victoria.  The presenter was Norm Smith, the wood finishing specialist at FP/Innovations, Canada’s leading wood products research organization. Norm’s many years of experience in the cabinet shop industry as a finisher and supervisor, combined with his down-to-earth communication skills, enable him to “connect” with the participants and to generate interaction. 

The agenda ranged from the “basics” of finishing to an overview of coatings, (including an examination of waterborne technology), and a review of current finishing equipment. .  Norm also made a strong case for large or small operations to develop specific and detailed documentation for each of its finishing procedures.  The benefits of the resulting “SOPs” (Standard Operating Procedures) can be many; ranging from improved and consistent quality control to more effective training of new finishers.

Norm Smith can be reached by E-mail at or by cell phone at (604) 828-9555. 

We will continue to arrange finishing workshops, and we welcome any suggestions regarding format, location and topics of interest to you.

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